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User Comments

"I have reviewed the functionality of Spreadsheet Sentry and consider it to be an innovative utility with a clear niche for the protection of intellectual property contained in Excel spreadsheets.  In particular, the ability to securely protect the formulaic content within cells while still allowing recalculation and display of results, providing persistent security is powerful.  The fact that Spreadsheet Sentry does not require special modification of spreadsheets containing existing VBA code and functions in order for the spreadsheets to perform their function, is an advantage.

"The ability of Spreadsheet Sentry to detect whether the user is in a valid location (i.e. within a corporate network) and/or has sufficient rights to access the intellectual property within a spreadsheet, or to see calculation results, appears robust.  The security mechanism and encryption method are independent of the Microsoft Excel security model and appear to be well beyond the ability of macro-based or other programmatic techniques for bypassing spreadsheet protection.

"From a usability perspective I found the protected spreadsheets to be easy to use, and the encoder module (used to convert spreadsheets into protected formats) straightforward to use in a basic fashion (e.g. for a quick simple spreadsheet encryption), and at the same time very configurable in order to deal with more sophisticated Excel features and functions."

Dr Thomas Hyde
General Manager, Beca Applied Technologies Ltd

"The feedback from our internal business controls was very enthusiastic, especially because of the features that enable time constraints (and, thus version control) and, most importantly, the ability to lock down to just activated PCs. The folks here LOVED that.

Not only is the product by far superior to any other Excel security tool I demo'd, the technical support team far exceeded my expectations.  They are extremely responsive and helpful!"

P. Mays
Global Operations (for a leading international IT provider)

"Absolutely fantastic customer service!"

Jared D.
Finance Director, Peppermint

"Lafarge North America is currently using Spreadsheet Sentry to protect key formulas of a complex Value Analysis Tool.  The use of ExcelSentry allows this tool to be installed directly on the computers of our sales force.  Installing and using ExcelSentry's Client software is an easy process.

Spreadsheet Sentry's technical support is superb as they work hard to resolve issues or answer questions in an expedient manner."

James C.
Product Performance Team, Lafarge NA

"This product is all I expected and more.  The password protection in native Excel was not real protection for my organization’s sensitive data worksheets.  Spreadsheet Sentry solved this problem. It installed easily on all of the users’ workstations. The program then worked seamlessly to encrypt our worksheets.

Software Security Ltd also provides exceptional technical support.

Spreadsheet Sentry is the perfect product if you have confidential data in Excel that requires protection from unauthorized users."

K. Helmuth
Finance (for a leading international IT provider)


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