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Product Releases

November 2018 - Version 4.0

  • Updated encryption algorithm
  • Updated activation checks based on alternative PC identifier options
  • Updated user interface style
  • Mask for defining output file
  • Advanced encode settings save option
  • User-definable text in document properties
  • (Version 4.0 now available from our Download and Purchase pages)

February 2016 - Version 3.11

  • Incorporating V3.10.1-3.10.2/November 2015-January 2016:
    • Fixed incorrect moved formula report in some spreadsheets
    • Formal support for Office 2016

June 2015 - Version 3.10

  • Improved treatment of non-English language Excel functions on Encoder PC
  • User option to encode for Client PC using either English or same (non-English) language as Encoder PC
  • Client PC can now have regional settings (e.g. decimal point and list separator) different from Encoder PC
  • Fixed issue where some PCs (depending on configuration and user access rights) required an additional activation
  • Incorporating V3.9.1-3.9.3/August 2014-May 2015:
    • Fixed error in Client handling of hidden cells in some Office versions
    • Formal support for Office 2013

July 2014 - Version 3.9

  • Improved Encoder startup when user has limited rights under Windows 7/8
  • Improved security for the passwords used on the Encode options screen
  • New option for the Encoder to specify the spreadsheet owner to be displayed on the Client splash screen
  • Several bug fixes, including fix error processing precedents where a named variable string forms part of a valid cell reference

January 2014 - Version 3.8

  • Improved compatibility checking between default version of Excel and Encoder input file
  • Updated Document Sentry with latest authorization options
  • Improved detection of Client activation status in License Manager
  • Minor speed improvements when writing encrypted cell contents
  • Improved treatment of workbooks containing chart/macro sheets

September 2013 - Version 3.7

  • New authorization mode:
    • Allow use of encoded spreadsheet to be limited to specific authorized (and activated) PCs
    • New mode requires Client Version 3.7 or greater
  • Where data cells as well as formulas are to be encrypted, pivot table results are automatically excluded
    • (No longer any need to specifically exclude pivot tables on Advanced Encoder screen)
  • Minor bug fixes

March 2013 - Version 3.6

  • Rewritten spreadsheet read procedures allow LARGE reduction in load time for most *.xlsx files
  • Support for Excel 2007-style template files (*.xltx, *.xltm)
  • Improve error handling when default Excel version is 2003 or less and the Encoder attempts to open a 2007 file

August 2012 - Version 3.5

  • Fast load option to bypass detailed cell checking prior to selecting encoding parameters
  • Improve Advanced screen display refresh speed
  • Improved detection of external references in Excel 2007/2010-style spreadsheets
  • Client now better handles spreadsheets that have not been fully encoded
  • License Manager does not require multiple entries of activation password within a single session

May 2012 - Version 3.4

  • Allow faster reloading of same spreadsheet data
    • e.g. after user clicks Back button from Encoding options screen
  • Improved Client version notification

December 2011 - Version 3.3

  • Improved initial spreadsheet load speed for sparse xls workbooks
  • Improved clearing of Encoder temporary files
  • Improved notification of license validity

October 2010 - Version 3.2

  • Enable use with Excel 2010
  • Improved handling of statistical functions such as STDEV
  • Correct handling of locked data cells for *.xlsx spreadsheets, including correct color-coding on Advanced screen

May 2010 - Version 3.1

  • Enable encryption of ROW and COLUMN functions
  • Enable proper calculation of HLOOKUP, VLOOKUP functions where third parameter is a cell reference rather than a constant
  • Improve Document Sentry default startup behaviour and defaults
  • Eliminate repeated cell calculation error messages
  • Reduce number of "encrypted formula too long" errors
  • Improve treatment of encrypted named variables

December 2009 - Version 3.0

  • Encode Excel 2007-format files (.xlsx, .xlsm)
  • Improve reading and display of cells containing 'problematic' formulations
  • Include Document Sentry as part of standard distribution (also available separately) - new utility for encrypting entire files
  • (First Spreadsheet Sentry-branded version)

November 2009 - Version 2.3

  • (Final ExcelSentry-branded version)
  • Check that correct version of Excel is available prior to Encoder using it
  • Increase range of circumstances allowing movement of hidden cells
  • Allow additional functions using range precedents containing hidden cells
  • Improve flexibility of permitted parameters to a function with hidden precedents

September 2009 - Version 2.2

  • Beta Personal version that reads Excel 2007-format files (.xlsx, .xlsm) now available on request
  • Multiple encoding options for network authorization
  • Suppress repeated password requests when multiple spreadsheets are open

July 2009 - Version 2.1

  • Allow use of Client with 64-bit operating systems
  • Improve Client recalculation speed with hidden data
  • Improved handling of cells that are unable to be encrypted  

March 2009 - Version 2.0

  • Audit facility that will check for integrity of encrypted formulas
  • Option to hide data display values
  • Option to encrypt data cells
  • Network authorization control (requires Network Authorization Server)
  • Improved handling of Excel4 macro sheets
  • Improved encryption algorithm
  • Version 1 compatibility mode
  • Updated user interface, improved color-coding on Advanced screen viewer
  • Default user global options in configuration file

November 2008 - Version 1.5

  • Improve include/exclude encoding of ranges
  • Allow save and load of Advanced settings for a particular spreadsheet 
  • Fully allow for Excel shared formulas   

July 2008 - Version 1.4

  • Selection of ranges to include or exclude from encoding
  • Visual display of cells to be encoded on Advanced screen 
  • Permit encoding of template files
  • Place encoding notification in File>Properties>Comments

January 2008 - Version 1.3

  • Simultaneous release of ExcelSentry Personal Version 1.3, which is provided free for non-commercial use (encoded spreadsheets can only be used on Encoder PC)
  • Permit easier operation by user with limited folder access rights (e.g. standard user under Vista)
  • Various user interface improvements, including more useful display of cell contents on Advanced screen
  • Allow encoding of worksheets that are already password-protected
  • Operates correctly with Excel 2007 (provided spreadsheet to be encoded is compatible with Excel 2003) 

July 2007 - Version 1.2

  • New formula encryption option that allows "structural" updates to be made to the encoded spreadsheet, including: 
    • movement of precedent data cells
    • movement of encrypted formulas
    • inserts and deletes of columns and rows
  • Updated license management, making it easier to activate licenses on remote PCs
  • Improved handling of some less common formula constructions
  • Improved handling of multiple open spreadsheets (Version 1.2.1)

March 2007 - Version 1.1

  • Automatic unlocking of data cells for fully-locked workbook
  • Updated encryption parameters
  • Improved license activation procedures

December 2006 - Version 1.0

  • First version released for general use
  • Wizard-based user interface
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