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Upgrade from ExcelSentry

We are pleased to announce the release of ‘Spreadsheet Sentry’, a spreadsheet security product that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Excel 2007, as well as Excel 2000 and 2003, to provide strong security for your valuable spreadsheets.

Spreadsheet Sentry versions prior to Version 3.0 were known as ExcelSentry, and encoded Excel 2000/2003-style spreadsheets (.xls files) only. With the introduction of Spreadsheet Sentry, both Excel 2000/2003-style spreadsheets and Excel 2007-style spreadsheets (.xlsx, .xlsm) are now catered for.

Spreadsheet Sentry can be installed and run at the same time as ExcelSentry. You may notice that Spreadsheet Sentry-encrypted formulas are held in 'SSDF' rather than 'ESDF' function parameters within the encoded spreadsheet. An ExcelSentry Client is therefore required to use ExcelSentry-encoded spreadsheets, and a Spreadsheet Sentry Client is required to use Spreadsheet Sentry-encoded spreadsheets.

ExcelSentry and Spreadsheet Sentry activation keys are interchangeable, so you can upgrade from ExcelSentry to Spreadsheet Sentry and still use the same ExcelSentry activation key with the upgraded software.

A Spreadsheet Sentry installation also includes our new security utility, Document Sentry (also available for purchase separately).  Document Sentry provides whole-of-file encryption, and can optionally take advantage of Spreadsheet Sentry's security options (such as license-based activation).

Unless you are covered by a maintenance arrangement (see below), the cost to upgrade is US$195 plus $7.50 for each Client activated at the time of upgrade (there is no charge for upgrading Client licenses that have not yet been activated).

Upgrade to Spreadsheet Sentry now.


While Spreadsheet Sentry will encode .xls, .xlsx, and .xlsxm files, cells that can be encrypted are currently limited to 256 columns by 65536 rows (same size limitation as .xls files).

Personal Version

A Personal version of Spreadsheet Sentry is available for you to download and trial. The Personal version is fully functional, except that encoded spreadsheets can only be run on the encoding PC.

Download Spreadsheet Sentry Personal now.

Maintenance and Support

A no-charge maintenance period of 12 months following your original or upgrade purchase applies, which allows for priority email-based support and any software upgrades.

We are also now offering ongoing annual maintenance arrangements, which cover priority support and upgrades over each following 12 month period. This is available at an annual cost of US$95 plus US$5 for each Client activated at time of purchase.

Arrange priority support and future upgrades now.

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