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Spreadsheet Sentry Operation


Spreadsheet Sentry puts you in complete control of your spreadsheet security


The Encoder has a wizard-style interface, with a minimum of parameters and settings required to encode most spreadsheets.


To encode a spreadsheet is as easy as 1-2-3-4:


  1. Load the Encoder and select the target spreadsheet
  2. Select who will be allowed to use the encoded spreadsheet
  3. Select the formula encryption mode
  4. Optionally set various advanced parameters

The Encoder will then create a brand new encoded spreadsheet containing encrypted formulas, while keeping the original spreadsheet completely intact and unaltered.


This encoding process only needs to be carried out once per spreadsheet (unless the original spreadsheet is later updated).  After encoding, you can send the spreadsheet around to anyone you wish.


Authorized spreadsheet users should notice little change to the spreadsheet, except that they will not be able to view any of the original formulas, and certain cell display values may be hidden.

Unauthorized users on the other hand, will be in for a surprise when they discover that they cannot operate the spreadsheet!

  • encrypted formulas will not calculate
  • encrypted data will not display
  • and hidden cells will display as #Hidden!


A Spreadsheet Sentry Client is required to use encoded spreadsheets


Client licenses are company-specific, and always relate to a specific Encoder license.  This prevents, for example, Company A from using Company B's encoded spreadsheets.


Opening and using the encoded spreadsheet is as simple as using the equivalent normal (not encoded) spreadsheet, but you will be prevented from viewing or editing any encrypted formulas or hidden cell values.

Of course, this is assuming a couple of things:


  • you have installed and activated a Spreadsheet Sentry Client on your PC
  • the spreadsheet has been encoded to allow use on your PC


In addition, and depending on the formula encryption mode used, you may not be able to make 'structural' changes that would affect the spreadsheet's integrity and consistency, for example moving or deleting encrypted formulas, and deleting or inserting rows or columns that could affect encrypted formulas.

Formulas will still calculate as normal, and calculated results will display and print as normal.  Slower calculation times may be noticed for large or complex spreadsheets, due to the necessary security encryption system overhead.


Unauthorized users (including normally authorized users who have copied the spreadsheet to a PC without an activated Client license) will find that the spreadsheet will not operate unless the person encoding the spreadsheet has specifically allowed use on all PCs.

If you're ready to take your spreadsheet security a step further:

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