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With Spreadsheet Sentry You are in Control

TOTAL CONTROL over the security of your sensitive spreadsheets is one of the most critical aspects of your business, which is why we give you that control the moment you order Spreadsheet Sentry:

  • you control who may use your spreadsheets
  • you control where your spreadsheets get used
  • you control what data and formulas (if any) users may view and modify
  • you control your confidential spreadsheet content so it is protected from theft or misuse

Spreadsheet Sentry goes to work from Day One, preventing unauthorized use of company productivity tools and protecting your company's intellectual property.  This is a rare combination of real spreadsheet security, peace of mind, and total control, all for a very modest investment.

Here are just a few of the security barriers that our breakthrough encryption system provides:

  • prevention of viewing and editing of encrypted formulas
  • prevention of unauthorized viewing of encrypted data
  • prevention of viewing of hidden confidential data even by authorized users
  • prevention of alteration of encrypted formulas and data by means of built-in audit checks

Your company's spreadsheets are too important to settle for inferior security.  Spreadsheet Sentry provides the security answer you've been seeking - at a very affordable price.

Experience Spreadsheet Sentry yourself by downloading Spreadsheet Sentry Personal.

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